Adult Dance Fitness

2018-2019 PRICE LIST

All cards expire the last day of the given session.

5 week session (5 classes 1x 5 weeks)plan for $45.00

8 week session (8 classes 1x 8 weeks)plan for $65.00

10 week session (10 classes 1x 10 weeks) plan for $80.00

***WALK-IN TRIAL   $10.00/class***

    **MIM Members take 10 %  off**

   **$5.00 for walk-ins for MIM members only**



                                               Fall Session:        10 week session 9/24 to 11/26

                                           Sunday  Session:     8 week session 9/30 to 11/18

                                                       ** Pick which one fits your schedule**


2018-2019 SCHEDULE

***All classes must meet the 5 person minimum in order to run the entire session***

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This class is for anyone that wants to learn the basics of traditional tap dancing. You will need to have a pair of tap shoes for class.


In this class we fuse all the different dance styles from Latin, Pop, Broadway, Jazz, Hip Hop, to Ballet in a dance workout. If you love to dance then you will enjoy this class as we workout DANCE STYLE! No prior dance experience needed.


This class is for anyone that wants to tone and sculpt their body utilizing the ballet barre, weights, resistance bands, and chairs. It’s a class powered with leg and arm toning exercises used in ballet that we set in a fitness workout.