Studio Closed until 3/29/20

As we all navigate our new day to day reality, Movements In Motion is committed to utilizing the numerous online tools available to create an online “Virtual” studio. We hope our Virtual Studio along with its updates will be a bright spot in your life and the life of your dancer(s)! Our hope is that the tools below help us stay connected, provide a sense of normalcy, and inspire us to KEEP DANCING.
While this situation is not ideal and can’t replace the in-studio experience, it’s absolutely incredible what we can do with technology! Although we are connecting through apps and websites, please know that giving children an iPad, phone or laptop will not be a screen-time as we’ve known it. Instead, it will be MOVEMENT time!!! All you need to do is clear out some space in your basement, living room, bedroom or garage and charge up those devices!
As some of you already know and are members we have been doing a MIM Virtual Studio on Facebook as a Private Group. This was used as a way for us to stay connected while we were forced to close. However, we realized that not everyone has Facebook or might feel comfortable using it. Plus Facebook likes to mute my videos and takes forever to download. With that said, we are now moving our Virtual Studio to the following 2 sources:


Movements In Motion is creating custom dance content that you can now access via this app instead of the FB Private Group Page. In our BAND library, we will have videos organized by CLASS NAME-CLASS DAY/TIME with recital recap videos and we will be adding additional choreography in there. We are also planning to do exactly what we have done in Facebook in there now as well.  We will have our bonus features in there as well. All of our competition dancers already use this app to stay communicated with the studio as well as our Staff.

TO GET BAND  – download app , you receive an email invite by Sunday March 22. Just click and join the band!


We will be offering LIVE Movements In Motion classes via Zoom! Zoom will allow as to continue to dance together, give you the opportunity to interact with your teachers, and help us maintain some regularity in our weekly schedules at a time when so much in our daily lives have been disrupted.  
Our goal is to run our classes exactly the way we are know with a few classes combined or possible a different time. Our Staff is meeting via ZOOM again this Saturday to come up with a detailed plan.

TO GET ZOOM – download app or visit  to familiarize yourself with the site. 
once our classes are scheduled we will email you the MEETING ID to log on.


We want to thank everyone for your patience as we try to work through all of this, the entire staff is working hard on getting videos and ideas to help our students during this time. We appreciate your time and understanding!!!!