• Jazz (Ages 7 & up) – This class incorporates jazz technique with a funky flair. Dance class that teaches the art form of pure movement jazz.


  • Tap (Ages 7 & up) – Dance class designed to learn the technique of rhythmic tap.


  • Lyrical Ballet (Ages 7 & up) – A fusion of ballet and lyrical dance styles. This class will interpret music in an emotionally expressive way while also learning the traditional ballet technique.


  • Hip Hop (Ages 7 & up) – Dance class designed to teach the art form of street dance and freestyle.


  • Acro (Ages 8 & up) –  Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Dancers will learn floorwork, cartwheels, rolls, trampoline work.


  • Musical Theatre (Ages 9 & up) – A jazz-based dance class filled with Broadway style dancing. You will focus on Musicals and facial expessions.